The Alcazaba

The choice of the Mount of the Sabika to establish the seat of the Kingdom and the structure of services and production of food and manufactured goods brought inevitably entailed the construction of a well protected fortress.

Previous buildings already torn down, as towers and walls were rebuilt and a very large triangular structure was raised, thus allowing the control of all the walled spaces and having a privileged position on what was happening outside the walls.

The Alcazaba offers a military landscape, where you can enjoy the 360 degrees views from the towers, the remains of the ancient military suburb, dungeons, supply depots, steam baths area, a community bakery,… and a full sense of austerity when compared with the wealth of other units of the Monumental set of the Alhambra and the Generalife.

The importance of the gardens and the integration of the construction with the natural environment is perceived by the visitor when entering the garden of the ramparts, an enjoyment for the senses together with privileged views over the city of Granada.

The Alcazaba can be accessed in 30 minutes, depending on the time it takes to climb down the towers and the time of contemplation devoted.