Partal gardens

This large area comprises five distinct parts which coexist in harmony:
Palace of the portico: it is located in the Tower of the ladies and owes its name to a structure of portico of 5 arches that give entry to a large central pool that presides over the set.
This Palace has been privately owned for a long time, which is why substantial modifications are appreciated.
Oratory: rectangular, the orientation of the building matches the alignment of the outer wall.
Gardens: they are set on terraces that take advantage of the unevenness of the terrain and are truffled with ponds and ditches. Remember as a whole at the disposal of the famous gardens of Medina Azahara (Madinat al – Zahra`)
Moorish houses: houses of two plants that were originally independent and had access to a common courtyard. Remains of important mural decorations of the 14th century have been found, only example preserved in the monument and its original location of the Nasrid figurative painting.
The Rauda: strict meaning Garden, understood in this context as funerary garden and covering a built-up part (whose remains can be seen) and natural areas, following the Arab conception of the sepulchre, prelude to paradise.