Nasrid Palaces

It is a set of various Royal houses that were built by the different sultans who ruled in the Nasrid stage and receiving the common nickname of the Nasrid palaces .

Three major and independent spaces can be identified: Mexuar, Comares and Lions, among which may be identified half a dozen palaces.

These spaces were used for the enjoyment of family life and the celebration of the ceremonial life.

Mexuar: composed by a main room, which was used for the hearings and important meetings, this can be accessed through two courtyards. It has an oratory in its dependencies.

Comares Palace: built in the fertile stage of Yusuf I, where the residence of the Hall of the throne, the Sultanate and his family settled. The Palace is framed around the patio of Arrayanes, which achieved total harmony between building, integration with the natural environment and the quality of life of the people who lived there.

Lions Palace: completed its restoration in 2011. It was built under Muhammad V, who arranged the various units around a central courtyard, a fountain with 12 Lions that serve as suppliers. It is astonishing the wealth of its rooms and taste for detail, as the twelve expressions and different morphologies of each of the Lions.

The whole of the Nasrid palaces can be visited in about 45 minutes. If the visit is performed with a guide, it is advisable to keep pace with the visit this professional goes marking. He knows very well the Monumental set and will satisfy the curiosity that this visit raises in the visitor, at the same time which will prevent the overcrowding of the spaces of visit.